The Cyprus Weekly (2000) (Publicity)


Positive Painting

Christos Christou can be seen aty the panheon.

These most positive paintings fill the Pantheon with buoyant alertness and you certainly get a visual enrichment so rare on the trip to a commercial gallery.

Every picture is very beautiful yet avoiding decoration, concentrating instead on a sensitive focus on the innate quality and power of colour and form.

In other words, Christos exhibits a fine collection of pure paintings.  He can use that most difficult colour, white, and give it exciting life.

His titles such as Red Chair, or Surfing, can carry the subject, merely allude to the painting or just help to select from the other delights.

All being far from the fad of “untitled” a term which so often means packaged repeats.

Each of the artist’s canvases has its own potent origin.  The mystery of painting.

Pantheon Gallery is on the second floor of the building next to the cinema.  There’s dingy entrance, but all is light and beauty once you are in Christos Christou’s exhibition.